Diffles And Daffles

Written By David E. Young , 2002
Diffles and Daffles
Went out one night
To try out some traffles
On their new kite.

They looked and they looked.
They sought and they sought.
"Does anyone have
Traffles?" they thought

Said Daffles to Diffles,
"Let's go to the store."
But to Daffles, said Diffles, 
"A store is a bore.

"Let's hunt in the field,"
Diffles said with a grin.
But Daffles just frowned,
"Oh, not that again!"

So Diffles and Daffles
Argued the day,
And people passed by
As they talked away.

Sunset soon came,
And at this they stopped.
"I'll tell you what,"
Said Daffles, with thought,

"I'll hunt with you
In the fields and streams,
If you first come with me,
And we can be teams!"

Diffles thought and diffles thought,
"Are traffles worth the hassle?"
"To search in dark outside is not
So fun," said Diffles to Daffles.

Daffles turned to Diffles,
And said, "Let's go in then.
Let's shop and find some traffles
So our hunt can end."

And so they went to go and shop
To find a box of traffles.
They found some kite tails, cloth and string,
And some chocolate truffles.

They shopped in aisles and registers,
And malls, so fun and full.
But nowhere in their frantic search
Did they find a traffle.

Morning came, and tired they got.
Diffles had a thought.
"Daffles, we won't find our traffles
In your shopping spot."

Daffles sat and shook his head,
"Okay, it seems you're right.
Let's try your way since it's dawn
And we have some light."

So off they went, this team of two,
On a traffle hunt.
They searched high and they searched low
As o'er the fields they went.

They looked in trees. They looked in seas.
They looked in flower beds.
They looked 'til they could look no more,
So tired, they hung their heads.

Diffles looked at Daffles.
Daffles looked at Diffles.
Diffles and Daffles went back home
Through the weeds and thistles.

They went inside and hung their hats.
And then they noticed something!
"Diffles!" said Daffles. "Daffles!" said Diffles
With joy as they went racing.

For right in front of them,
On the kitchen table,
Were a whole bunch of traffles,
Right there by the ladle!

Diffles grinned! Daffles spinned!
Oh, what jubilee!
They had forgot they had some home,
And they filled with glee!

Diffles and Daffles
Went out one night
To try out some traffles
On their new kite.
Diffles And Daffles © 2002 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.