Do You Need Me Baby?

Written By David E. Young , 2008
Verse 1:
One week ago
I was in paradise
Safe in your loving arms
And now I am
Alone again
Thrust down a wake of harms

You mean the world to me baby
And I need you so
You said you’d love me forever
Whether high or low

But do you need me baby
As I need you
Or did you lie to me baby
Were your kisses true

Verse 2:
You said it was 
heaven on earth
To be there with me
You said I was
All that you long for
In the earth and sea

You said our love was forever
Even talked of Vegas
You said that time would stand still
And that is how it was

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
You said you
Could not imagine
Life with us apart
And now I sit
Here in pieces
Which you tore apart

And after you said forever
You said never in your heart
When you last kissed me goodbye dear
You planned for us to part

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 4:

The day you said
You can’t commit
It seems that I just died
The day you said
You can’t be friends
That us you can’t abide

It’s like my legs were chopped off
Just under the knees
It’s like what’s most important
Is gone to echoed pleas

(Repeat Chorus)

(Musical Interlude)

Verse 5:

The empty hell
I’m living in
Is only filled one way
And if there was
Truth to your loving
Then soon will come the day

We can work it out whatever
Our differences may be
We can work it out together
And live so happily

(Repeat Chorus)


I’ll always love you
The angel of my soul
And die in misery
If that must be my toll

For loving you.
For loving you
For I need you baby
Yes I need you.

Do You Need Me Baby? © 2008 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.