Jokes, word plays, prose and just plain fun from the imagination of David E. Young.
A Red Ant

A red ant really revels when regarded wantonly by reckless warthogs.
Big Blue Bags

Billy Brown bought bundles of big blue bags before boarding Boston's Bay Point bound bus.

Billy needed big blue bags to bring the bright bells Billy bought at Barbie's Bell Bayou.

Billy broke one big blue bag bundle when the blue bag bundle blew up like a blimp, dropping Barbie's bright bell, banging Barbie's bright bell on Barbie's Bell Bayou's basement bottom, breaking Barbie's bright bell into pieces.

So, Billy boarded Boston's Bay Point bound bus, but baring less big blue bag bundles bearing Barbie's bright bells.
Seven Silly Seals

Shelly saw seven silly, yet shy seals shuffling still shut sea shells, so some seals should strike shaky sea shells, shaking succulent fish crusts showered with slippery slime.
Hector's Hammer

Hector had a hammer.

Hector's Hammer was heavy.

Hector's heavy hammer had a hidden hiding hole in it's handle.

Hector had hidden his hodgepodge in his heavy hammer's hidden handle hiding hole.

One hot day, as hector hammered in his house, his heavy hammer’s hidden handle hiding hole half opened.

Hector's whole hodgepodge hurriedly fell on Hector's house floor!

And now, Hector's heavy hammer's hidden handle hiding whole has no hodgepodge, half or whole.

Sardonic Sardines

Some sardonic sardines sat sensibly silent as they saw several silly seals swim stealthily seaward, since Saturday storms slashed out so suddenly, swaying the ship so some sailors swashed swarvingly, stealing slippery shots seaward at some stealthy sharks.