I Like To Call It Heaven

Written By David E. Young , 2002
Let me tell you of a place I know.
I like to call it heaven.
No, there are no pearly gates
Or gold to lay your hands in.

It’s a spot that I know well
Way up in the mountains,
Where, as I walk the mountain path,
The gate of heaven opens!

Nature is majestic
When you look beyond the bush.
And so I built my home here,
Where there is no rush.

I pluck a rose from my garden
And walk across my lawn
To sit and watch the lily frogs,
Playful in my pond.

A waterfall, my natural fountain,
Mesmerizes me.
I sit there staring like a statue.
This is what life should be!

Yes, you may call my home,
“Just a little cottage,”
But to me it’s heaven
And there is where I’ll age.
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