Insecurity, The Enemy In Me

Written By David E. Young , 2003
You make me hide
Behind my fear
Of being so inadequate.

You work your silent
Magic to
Destroy all my relationships.

You find my weakness,
Bring it forward,
Displayed for me to see.

And in my fear,
I'm paranoid
That others see and flee.

I could have love
And friendships true,
But you cast doubt on those.

You show me all
My cons that aren't,
And hide me from my pros.

I think that I
Am who's at fault;
That I can never be

As good as what
I think I should.
You're the enemy in me!

But just like with
Any war,
Winning half the fight

Is knowing who
And knowing where
Your enemy hides in night.

I recognize
Just what you are
And how your lies affect me,

And I will not
Give in today
To you, my adversary!

I am above
Your petty lies
And falsehoods which you show me.

I am human.
Mistakes are human,
So go and let me be!

I, in myself,
Am good enough
For love and happiness.

I can make
Others happy
And rise above all this!

I am satisfied
With me and
Others will be too,

And you can't lay
Your hand on me,
So go hide in the loo!

Oh, destroyer of
Close relationships,
Wall that shrinks from love,

Starter of 
All arguments,
Of wars, and push and shove,

Be gone from me,
And don't come back,
So wily and so witty!

You no longer
Rule my life,
Foul Insecurity!
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