Ode To The Redheaded Girl

Written By David E. Young , 2000
Oh what a flame
Of sensuous delight
Which brightens up the day
Of all within its sight!

I know not the name
Of the one with such flare.
I only know her as
The pretty girl with red hair.

She works at the little shop
Two doors down the street,
And works so very much,
Her social ways are discreet.

She has no time for friends,
Yet she's so very friendly;
Just like her warm hair,
Which should be very trendy.

For her beauty is unargued
And her friendliness unquestioned,
Yes she's as unreachable
As a soldier far off stationed.

Yet I plan to be warmed
By that unquenchable fire;
That redheaded girl,
Or else I'm just a liar!

As sure as my name is
Charlie Brown, I will
Talk to the wonderful,
Beautiful, redheaded girl.
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