The Meaning Of Life

Written By David E. Young , 2002
What is life about?
Is it, “He who has…,”
Is it, “He who does…,”
As time goes by so fast?

Of course, we know the truth;
That life is not about
How much or what you’ve done,
Or how to face a drought.

If you want the answer
To what life is about,
Look in just two places –
You’ll see what life’s about.

First, look through pages
Of ancient history.
Who was remembered
And worth another story?

Kris Nikolas Kringle,
Mohamed, Jesus, Buhdda,
And no one will forget
Good Mother Theresa.

These people changed the world
For centuries to come.
How did they do it?
Was power in their thumb?

No, not one of them
Used action or affluence
To “make it to the top”.
In fact, they did opposite.

They “made it to the bottom”,
Put other people first.
They cared for those around them
With a love that could not burst.

The second place to look,
To know what life’s about,
Is next to you, around you,
As people move about.

Every single person
Has hopes and fears and dreams,
And none is quite as proud
As appearance makes it seem.

Could you build their dreams?
Could you feed their hopes?
Could you give a little
Sunshine to the mopes?

“But that is inconvenient,”
You voice of “reason” says.
“Besides, what did they do
“For me?” it idly asks.

So you have a choice:
Go on selfishly,
Building your high horse
Like a busy bee.

But when you are gone,
Who’ll remember fondly
The moments that you had
Spent away from folly?

Who was the richest man
A hundred years ago?
How was he remembered?  
We may never know.

Yet those selfless people
Who gave instead of took
Will never be forgotten
In any history book.

So give a little of yourself,
Then give a little more.
You’ll find that life is richer, greater
Than you knew before.

For when you care for others,
They start to care then too,
And soon you will have changed the world
By giving some of you.

And when your time has come to go,
And people gather ‘round,
They’ll also know what life’s about
From their example in the ground.

It just takes a moment or two;
Impractical, but so right,
To show concern of others’ feelings
And take away their fright.

Spread some sunshine!  Share a smile.
Watch the friendships add up.
Give a hug.  Stop pinching pennies.
Don’t let folks give up.

Don’t take my word for it.
Look inside yourself,
Beyond the so-called voice of “reason”
That puts you in a shell.

Let your conscience be your guide.
You will know what’s right.
It’s alright to be afraid
When blinking in the light.

And you will find, as you look
Through all the grief and strife,
That true joy is there to find
In the meaning of life.

The Meaning Of Life © 2002 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.