The Yuba River

Written By David E. Young , 2002
  I sit beside the Yuba River
List’ning to the falls
Watching children play and frolic
Hearing nature’s calls
The water warm and so refreshing
Oaks and pines all bow
Hikers hop from rock to rock
Sun kissing their brow
I shed my clothes and dip on in
Feel the water smooth
Aching limbs in sweet relief
Muscles all to sooth
The river, flowing slow and steady
In its mountain groove
Marble cliffs rise tall above
Never prone to move
Butterflies and dragonflies
Dance so beautif’ly
Saying just how glad they are
To be so bright and free
The water swirls around my skin
A cool refreshing wake
Sun shines down to warm the soul
As granite rocks all bake
The birds all chirp so happily
And tadpoles stop to look
At this strange and happy creature
Visiting their brook
It’s difficult to know just when
I’ve gotten too much sun
Because the river’s endless chat
And coolness are so fun
If you hike along the trails
You get the birds-eye view
Of waterfalls and people swimming
Waving ‘hi’ to you
People wade and people swim
Splashing without planning
Some find gold if looking hard
Through the sands of panning
The Yuba River’s pull and drive
And awesome scenic spots
Waterfalls and swimming pools
(And there’s really lots)
Make it paradise to all
Who are in the know
To skinny dip, splash and play
Until with joy they flow
If brokenhearted or if sad
To clear their minds and soul
In this place they must be found
Joy to be made full
Take a day to recreate
Let your troubles go
Take your clothes off, stay awhile
With the river flow
If, by some chance, you’re passing through
The Bridgeport gold country
Stop and spend a day with me
And set your spirit free
The Yuba River © 2008 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.