You Can Do It!

Written By David E. Young , 2001
There is a deep dark something
Inside 'most every person
It hides beyond our conscious
Deepening its poison

The symptoms are quite clear
Although they greatly vary
The one we see the most of
And of which we should be wary

Is simply called, "addiction"
And it will keep you down
But it is not the cause
Of why you're feeling down.

You see, there is one simple 
little fact of which
We all seem, too often,
To ignore while in our ditch.

Why do I go and do
The thing I don't wish to do?
Why are you addicted
When you know its bad for you?

Don't worry, friend, there is
A solution to this problem
And once you apply it,
You'll lose all that old boredom

It doesn't matter what you are
Addicted to, my friend
Alcohol, sex, abuse, porn,
Computers, work, fashion trend,

Phone talks, puzzles, games, videos,
Music, radio, mutilation
All can be bad with too much
Because of addiction.

They take away your time, your life,
Your health, and even friends
They take away you love for others
And your standards start to bend.

It is not the thing that you are
Addicted to at fault,
But then why can't we stop
When we know we need to halt?

One word will answer all, 
And also solves a lot
"incontentment" is that word and it,
Addiction, came and bought

If one is truly happy with 
What one has right now
There never is a need to
Satisfy or figure how

So how do you become happy
And satisfied as you live?
Look around and see your life
Minus the negative

When you can say as is
"Life is good for me.  
It may not be perfect, but
It's the best place I could be"

Why would you need the bottle?  
Why waste the night chasing fear?
Your life becomes a goal of
Building  up, from right here!

Not picking up the pieces of
Broken dreams behind,
But leaving them behind, and
Starting a current grind.

Living life in present, not in
Past or what could be
Seeing what to laugh at and
Being a friend when need be.

As you find yourself looking
At all the good things that are
Your desires aren't on those
Bad things in that old jar

You'll be building up your friendships
Watering the flowers, seeing 
What your hands can build so dear
In life, in simply being

You CAN overcome!  Believe!
You can win against
That guilt that holds you back!
You can break the fence!

What you did is past, you future is at hand
Seize the day and do what
You'd do if all was perfect!
Your life, in your hands, I put.

All is new today, you are
A new person on this day
Go and build what you want
And make it a remembered day

Of what you want to be right now
By being what you want!  
If you get sad and think of what
You lost, put your mind up front,

What you lost is lost, 
There is time to come
Make the most of what you have
Build your futures one by one.

You will be way way too
Distracted for bad habits
And thus, by finding you now
Right there, you find contentment,

Before you know it, friend
You replaced all those bad habits
And added good ones in
Your life, now moving rapid.

Janice, I will tell you
You can do it friend
You can leave behind
The addiction to the end.  

And when you need a friend
To unload today upon,
You know you have ol' "Ducky"
To lay your pain upon,

And you will overcome
If you live for today
And smile at what you have,
For your whole life is ahead to stay!

You Can Do It © 2001 by David E. Young.  All rights reserved. May not be copied or sold without express written permission from David E. Young.  May be shared on Social Media via the provided links or with included link to this page.